Customer Loyalty-Analysis

Identification of the decisive drivers of satisfaction and loyalty in customer relations

Despite the introduction of numerous metrics in recent years, customer satisfaction remains the most reliable tool for forecasting different financial metrics such as revenue growth, margins or market share. The decisive factor here is not simply updating a number over time, but a profound understanding of the most important drivers and barriers to satisfaction that you as a company can tackle immediately from the customer’s point of view. Learn with us how you can reliably measure and comprehensively manage customer satisfaction.



Which questions we answer

  • How satisfied are our customers, do they buy again and recommend us to family and friends?
  • Where can strengths and weaknesses be seen in all aspects of our service provision – from shop to customer service?
  • Which of these performance dimensions are particularly important to maximize satisfaction?
  • Are there any hidden barriers that adversely affect repurchase and loyalty?
  • What is the connection between the requested satisfaction and the actually measurable loyalty and value in the data warehouse?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Individual examination design:

We create an individual and completely tailored research design for you and with you – no solutions from the “drawer.”

Data-driven study concept:

Unlike many other consultancies and agencies, we rely exclusively on hard and reliable figures – not on pure expert opinions.

Benchmark knowledge:

We have a wealth of experience from conducting numerous studies in a wide variety of industry and product categories.

Use of state-of-the-art analytics:

We only use the most advanced and proven methods that meet the highest statistical requirements.

Implementation orientation and healthy pragmatism:

We do not leave you alone with the results, but rather derive tangible and directly implementable optimization measures.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Hubertus Bessau Founder & Managing Director, mymuesli

"With the help of the database segmentation and subsequent customer survey by Caspar Feld, we were able to understand our own customer structure much better. In addition, we were able to improve the planning of necessary CRM measures including a target-oriented, needs-oriented customer approach."

Stephan Theiss Managing Director, Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft mbH

"Together with Caspar Feld, we have carried out various important analyses, including studies on user and customer satisfaction, competitive positioning and user segmentation, from which archetypical personas ultimately emerged. The results have given us completely new, excellent insights into our user structure and our market. We use the results for a much more targeted user communication as well as for a more efficient internal product development."

Nicolas Köhn CMO, Outfittery

"Increasing the repurchase rate is crucial to Outfittery's business model. With Caspar Feld's dedicated loyalty analyses, we were able to prioritize our CRM measures for this goal very well and ultimately concentrate on the decisive levers."

Philipp Tippkemper Managing Director, Tennis-Point

"In addition to the allocation of the marketing budget, we were particularly hit hard when it came to building up the CRM organization and subsequently implementing concrete CRM campaigns in the areas of activation and recovery. Caspar Feld helped us with comprehensive analyses of customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that we will be able to operate and further expand our CRM more effectively in the future."

Christian Gründig former Director Paid Memberships / CRM, Xing

"At Xing, we have successfully completed a large number of projects together with Caspar Feld: Strategic customer segmentation, brand positioning, customer loyalty and value management. They are characterized by a high degree of quantitative competence and problem-solving awareness coupled with healthy pragmatism.”

Felix Gärtner Founder & Managing Director, Vicampo

"A big challenge for us was the improvement of an exactly fitting CRM as well as the generation of realizable customer insights. Caspar Feld's team identified the most important customer needs with the help of loyalty analysis and advanced our operational CRM with segmentation and customer scoring."


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