Database Segmentation

Identification of heterogeneous customer segments in terms of size, value, motivation and profile in the database.

Each customer is unique and therefore has very different purchasing habits and product preferences: Data-driven, customer-oriented companies therefore pursue the goal of satisfying their customers by addressing them as individually as possible.
Nevertheless, for many organizations, completely individual customer processing often does not make sense because of limited resources. It is advisable to uncover the central similarities between the most valuable customers and use them profitably for demand-oriented targeting and in-depth customer reporting. We identify – for the first time or on a recurring basis – your most valuable customer segments and show you how you can systematically improve your CRM.



Which questions we answer

  • What are the different customer groups that make up my database?
  • Which customer segments contribute most to the company’s success?
  • What do they have in common in terms of product affinity, purchasing behavior, channel usage and sociodemography?
  • What are my core segments and how do they serve as a blueprint for the acquisition of statistical twins?
  • How does the structure of my segments in the database change over time?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Use of state-of-the-art clustering methods:

We use the most advanced statistical methods to achieve a separation of your most valuable customer segments that is both reliable and rich in content.

Extensive know-how in segment interpretation:

We have the necessary know-how to professionally interpret the most attractive segments and derive suitable marketing measures.

Benchmark knowledge:

We have a wealth of experience from conducting numerous studies in a wide variety of industry and product categories.

Updating/automation of segments:

Segment affiliations of each (new) customer can be smoothly updated in the database at any time without any recalculation.

Efficient project implementation and rapid results:

We guarantee efficient project implementation with clearly defined processes and rapid results.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Hubertus Bessau Founder & Managing Director, mymuesli

"With the help of the database segmentation and subsequent customer survey by Caspar Feld, we were able to understand our own customer structure much better. In addition, we were able to improve the planning of necessary CRM measures including a target-oriented, needs-oriented customer approach."

Sebastian Hasebrink Founder & Managing Director, JUNIQE

"By working with Caspar Feld on our CRM, we were able to generate very quickly valuable customer insights . With the help of the segmentation of our entire database, we were able to detect very different customer groups for which we have been recommended immediately implementable CRM measures."

Philipp Tippkemper Managing Director, Tennis-Point

"In addition to the allocation of the marketing budget, we were particularly hit hard when it came to building up the CRM organization and subsequently implementing concrete CRM campaigns in the areas of activation and recovery. Caspar Feld helped us with comprehensive analyses of customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that we will be able to operate and further expand our CRM more effectively in the future."

Christian Gründig former Director Paid Memberships / CRM, Xing

"At Xing, we have successfully completed a large number of projects together with Caspar Feld: Strategic customer segmentation, brand positioning, customer loyalty and value management. They are characterized by a high degree of quantitative competence and problem-solving awareness coupled with healthy pragmatism.”

Felix Gärtner Founder & Managing Director, Vicampo

"A big challenge for us was the improvement of an exactly fitting CRM as well as the generation of realizable customer insights. Caspar Feld's team identified the most important customer needs with the help of loyalty analysis and advanced our operational CRM with segmentation and customer scoring."


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