Homeday publishes Caspar Feld study results


In 2016, we led a project where we implemented a quantitative brand positioning strategy in the brokerage market with our client Homeday. Homeday is a technology-driven brokerage firm that has created an unprecedented customer experience for sellers and buyers. Homeday brokers support real estate sellers and buyers nationwide. They combines innovative technology with unique real estate valuation expertise and both professional and personal advice. Homeday was founded in 2014 by Steffen Wicker, Dmitri Uvarovski and Philipp Reichle. Since its founding, the brokerage firm has brokered over one billion properties and carried out over 100,000 property valuations.

The results of the positioning study not only helped Homeday to generate an understanding of the relevant market and to evaluate its brand image but also to identify the top reasons why property owners want to sell. The most common reason to sell your own property is to take advantage of good market conditions. Almost every second owner (48%) who wants to sell his property within the next two years stated this as their reason. Other reasons are advanced age, financial difficulties or a move. We are pleased to note that Homeday has also published the results extracted from our study in a press release.

The link to the Homeday press release can be found here.

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