Mirko Caspar in the Spotlight – presented by the Marketing Center of Münster (MCM)


After a guest lecture in innovation management, Mirko Caspar answers topic-specific questions to the MCM in 100+ seconds and gives the students a few thoughts on their future path.

Mirko Caspar, who studied and earned his doctorate at the University of Münster, always approves a trip to Münster and to the MCM. Not only because of his predilection for research and teaching, but also to exchange theory and practice between professors and students.  

The CEO of Mister Spex explains how he and his team were able to better understand and revolutionize the online eyewear market by analyzing countless individual interviews and structured quantitative interviews. His wealth of experience, knowledge and constant knowledge exchange with marketing research help Mister Spex and Mirko's consulting firm Caspar Feld to apply the latest methods for optimizing the marketing performance of Mister Spex and the clients of Caspar Feld.  

In the interview, Mirko Caspar also discusses the differences between the management of young and established start-ups. In his opinion, the following four key aspects characterize a good marketing: customer orientation, data-drivenness, agility and creativity. Four basic principles, which are very important for Caspar Feld as well.

What does Mirko Caspar recommend to today's students and future marketers?

"Find something you enjoy, where you can be good at, which helps you paying your bills and what ideally has a positive impact on our society".

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