Dr. Mirko Caspar

"Good and successful marketing managers are customer-oriented and data-driven. They manage pragmatically and agilely on the basis of a clear vision. We'll help you do that."

Dr. Mirko Caspar has many years of experience in brand communication in his professional career. Prior to founding Caspar Feld, Dr. Caspar worked as a Management Consultant with a focus on brand management at McKinsey. Additionally, he served as Head of Business Development at Universal Music and as a Managing Partner at the virtual world company Metaversum.

Dr. Caspar has been Managing Director of Mister Spex since September 2011 and is founder and shareholder of Userlutions GmbH. Mirko Caspar studied business administration at the University of Münster where he also received his PhD in brand strategies from Professor Heribert Meffert.