Market Segmentation

Creation of pragmatic market segments for a target group-specific, sharpened customer approach.

With market segmentation, the aim is to divide the overall market of current and potential customers into different buyer groups. The sub-segments should have as many similarities as possible, but they should be easy to separate from each other. The objectives of market segmentation can be manifold: determination of market potentials in segments, differentiation of the relevant market for special services, identification of previously neglected sub-markets or determination of market positioning in the competitive environment. We identify tangible market segments for you using the most advanced statistical methods. We often achieve this within the framework of quantitative positioning analysis.



Which questions we answer

  • What are the needs of our market as a whole?
  • How do these groups differ in rational and emotional motivations, sociodemography, buying behavior and channel preference?
  • What is our maximum achievable potential within these segments?
  • Which of the existing segments should we best focus on when dealing with customers?
  • Which communication and service promises can we use to address the customer segments in a differentiated way?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Use of state-of-the-art clustering methods:

We use the most advanced statistical methods to achieve a separation of your most valuable customer segments that is both reliable and rich in content.

Extensive know-how in segment interpretation:

We have the necessary know-how to professionally interpret the most attractive segments and derive suitable marketing measures.

Customer-specific market segmentation:

Unlike many other service providers, we develop individual, product-category-specific market segmentation for each of our customers and do not resort to standardized solutions.

Benchmark knowledge:

We have a wealth of experience from conducting numerous studies in a wide variety of industry and product categories.

Bridging market segments - customer database:

We create a direct bridge between the market and your customer database through disclosing the distribution of market segments in your own customer base.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Julia Bösch Founder & Managing Director, Outfittery

"For the preparation of our TV campaigns, we used Caspar Feld's positioning study to examine the market and the competition and to identify customer drivers and attractive customer segments. The results helped us a lot in the subsequent briefing and creation process. We also reviewed the effects of our decisions with regular brand measurements and TV spot analyses. We are extremely satisfied with the way of cooperation and the results."

Lea Lange Founder & Managing Director, JUNIQE

"Caspar Feld has been with us throughout the development of our brand. In doing so, we first analyzed our market comprehensively, identified affine core segments and their needs and finally derived personas. We have been able to follow the development of our branding activities with repeated tracking and analyses of our TV spots. The cooperation is very personal and recommendable."

Cornelius Lauritzen CMO, Avenso

"It was fundamental for us to understand our customer segments and needs in the US market in depth. We also wanted to analyze to what extent our desired brand image differs from the fiercest competitors from the customer's point of view. We have achieved these goals in cooperation with Caspar Feld."


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