Creation of vivid personas for the consistent development of customer-centered services.

The development of customer-centric products and services is playing an ever-greater key role. Personas represent archetypical (potential) users through whom you can find out the strongest motivators and barriers in using your product. Personas are ultimately a useful tool for developing user-driven innovations and for making products and services customer-friendly. Through a consistent combination of quantitative-static analyses and qualitative information we develop tailor-made personas for your company and experienced agile coaches guide you and your teams through the implementation process.



Which questions we answer

  • What does our typical customer or our user groups look like?
  • How can products and services be developed and aligned in a customer-centered manner?
  • Which motivators drive our customers to an initial or increased use?
  • What barriers prevent our customers from regularly using our product?
  • How can central customer requirements be communicated clearly to your own employees?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Data-driven approach:

We combine quantitative survey and customer data with qualitative information to create representative personas and to uncover specific customer needs and barriers.

Cooperative conception:

Through workshops, our staff demonstrates their understanding in cultivating an effective persona strategy, thus creating a more efficient route to implementation.

Extensive know-how in data interpretation:

We have the necessary know-how to identify and professionally interpret archetypal customers.

Required expertise:

We have the necessary expertise to train your employees in dealing with personas and to implement customer-centered products and services in cooperation with experienced agile coaches.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Lea Lange Founder & Managing Director, JUNIQE

"Caspar Feld has been with us throughout the development of our brand. In doing so, we first analyzed our market comprehensively, identified affine core segments and their needs and finally derived personas. We have been able to follow the development of our branding activities with repeated tracking and analyses of our TV spots. The cooperation is very personal and recommendable."

Stephan Theiss Managing Director, Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft mbH

"Together with Caspar Feld, we have carried out various important analyses, including studies on user and customer satisfaction, competitive positioning and user segmentation, from which archetypical personas ultimately emerged. The results have given us completely new, excellent insights into our user structure and our market. We use the results for a much more targeted user communication as well as for a more efficient internal product development."


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