Quantitative Brand Positioning

The determination of brand performance and relevance of key brand drivers in the competition.

The brand is the image of your company, products and services anchored in the minds of your current and potential customers. This vision should be positive and relevant from the customer’s point of view and enable a clear differentiation from the competition. In this way you create the best conditions for efficiently generating new customers and retaining existing customers in the long- term. Based on representative quantitative analyses, we analyze with you how your brand performs in the competitive environment, which positioning gaps exist in the market and in attractive segments and support you in deriving a consistent brand model.



Which questions we answer

  • Which potentials and basic purchasing behavior structures exist in our market?
  • What are our key strengths and weaknesses compared to our direct competitors?
  • What are the decisive emotional and rational customer needs during the entire purchasing process from awareness to loyalty?
  • What are the differences between my own existing customers and the market in terms of profile structure, purchasing behavior and customer needs?
  • Which core brand messages need to be shown on TV or through other channels?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Individual examination design:

We work with you to create an individual and completely tailored research design – no solutions from the “drawer.”

Data-driven study concept:

Unlike many other consultancies and agencies, we rely exclusively on hard and reliable figures – not on pure expert opinions.

Benchmark knowledge:

We have a diversified range of knowledge from conducting numerous studies in a variety of industry and product categories.

Use of state-of-the-art analytics:

We only use the most advanced and proven methods that meet the highest statistical requirements.

Implementation orientation and healthy pragmatism:

We do not leave you alone with the results, but rather derive tangible and directly implementable optimization measures.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Florian Heinemann Founding Partner, Project A

"For many of our investments, we are often faced with the challenge of better penetrating markets and customer needs in order to position companies correctly in the competitive environment. We regularly work together with Caspar Feld in the context of market research and positioning projects. Mirko and Sebastian work very professionally and we always benefit from their high quality studies."

Dr. Hans Dohrmann Partner, Retail Capital Partners

"RCP is an internationally active investment and consulting company focusing on retail and consumer goods companies. That's why we always need high-quality insights into markets, customers and competitors to support our strategic and tactical considerations with figures. At Caspar Feld, we can rely on professional study execution and sound figures."

Anja Kettern former Lead Market Research, Zalando

"Together with Caspar Feld, we conducted a study on brand positioning in the competitive environment. The results of the study will enable us to further sharpen our brand profile and to assess strategic directions based on numerical data."

Thomas Spengler Director CRM, Internetstores

"As a result of our growth, we have strongly concentrated on optimizing the performance channels with our brands fahrrad.de and Brügelmann. With Caspar Feld, we have for the first time systematically and comprehensively reviewed our branding activities and our brand positioning in the competitive environment. The results have helped us greatly in underpinning our strategy process on the basis of numbers. The cooperation was therefore a real added value for us."


Steffen Wicker Founder & CEO, Homeday

"With the help of the positioning study we were able to understand our market in detail on the basis of figures. As a young company, it was also our central goal to define our brand validly for the first time and thus to match the actual perception of the customer and the brand image we were striving for."

Stephan Rahmede CEO, kfzteile24

"We at kfzteile24 wanted to identify the decisive needs of the market and our customers in order to align the future focal points of our corporate strategy. Comprehensive and comprehensible information was essential for tapping new markets and for the most important points of attack in existing customer marketing. Caspar Feld has delivered exactly this in the shortest time on the basis of a broad positioning study."

Christian Hoya Founder, Wine in Black

"Caspar Feld has taken us a big step forward in our competitive positioning analysis. Now we have the necessary information basis to prioritize our main success drivers and thus address our overall market potential even better."

Benedikt Franke Founder & Managing Director, Helpling

"We conducted a positioning study with Caspar Feld, including segmentation into different target groups. The results enabled us to better understand the various groups of needs and to implement our marketing activities in a more targeted manner. In addition, with Caspar Feld we have successfully set up brand tracking in a national and international context with which we can analyze brand-related progress."

Kian Moini Co-Founder & CEO, Lamudi

"We conducted a brand positioning study with Caspar Feld in one of our international markets. The detailed results have provided us with numerous new clues for the further development of our target group approach. Building on this, we have used the central findings for downstream brand tracking, in particular to monitor the effectiveness of our advertising measures."


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