TV Spot Analysis

Validation of the popularity and fit of all aspects of your TV spot in the addressed target group.

TV campaigns are sometimes the most cost-intensive marketing instrument of a company and therefore a poor investment runs the risk of turning highly detrimental. Today, even the smallest changes are tested on websites. The question is therefore allowed, why testing is not applied to an adequate extent for the TV medium.
We put your TV spot through rigorous analyses and uncover its strengths and weaknesses – even before it is broadcasted. We analyze on a data-driven basis whether the intended performance promises can be effectively communicated to the target group and what influence the TV flights have on the overall brand performance.



Which questions we answer

  • Is our TV spot rated good or bad in the representative overall market?
  • What are the central strengths and weaknesses of our TV spot?
  • What emotional reactions and rational associations does the spot evoke in our target group?
  • Were we able to convey the desired performance promises clearly and unambiguously?
  • Which design elements can be improved in future productions?

Why choose Caspar Feld

Professional interviewing technique

Based on many years of market research experience, we are experts in questionnaire design.

Validated measurement techniques of advertising impact:

With our well-founded measurements, we uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign and thus determine its impact on success.

Benchmark knowledge:

We have a wealth of experience from conducting many studies within and outside your industry.

State-of-the-Art Analytics:

We only use proven methods that meet the highest statistical requirements, including ensuring the representativeness of the results.

Implementation orientation and healthy pragmatism:

We do not leave you alone with the results, but derive tangible and directly implementable optimization measures.

Testimonials from customers

What our customers say about us

Alexander Artopé Co-Founder & CEO, smava

"For smava, TV advertising is important for the acquisition of new customers - therefore the optimization of this channel is also central. With Caspar Feld, we have carried out several analyses of our TV spots. The team helped us to develop a better assessment of our target group approach on TV and thus we were able to gradually improve our results."

Claudia Frese Chief Excecutive Officer of MyHammer AG

"After a longer abstinence, we at MyHammer have decided to use TV as advertising channel. Caspar Feld initially helped us to uncover the relevant needs from the customer's point of view with a positioning analysis. Subsequently, we were able to monitor the success of our measures through regular brand tracking and spot analyses. We have always received professional and honest advice."

Stephan Herwig CMO, Thermondo

"With Caspar Feld, we have established regular, pragmatic tracking of our brand and our TV activities. The joint projects were carried out promptly and the results could be implemented immediately at any time."


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