We offer tailor-made services for strategy processes, brand control and customer management: segmentation and positioning analyses for comprehensive market understanding, brand tracking as a tool to control investments in brand and media, as well as customer insights analyses to boost satisfaction and retention.

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Obtain actionable insights into growth potential, understand your target audience and develop a differentiated competitive positioning strategy.

Many leaders find themselves confronted with the following challenges:
  • Targeted growth is not achieved, slows down or even declines.

  • You are lacking insights or only have outdated reports when a sound strategy has to be developed.

  • Internal strategy discussions are characterized by dangerous half-truths, too much gut feeling and unrefuted hypotheses.

  • There is uncertainty about how to build a distinctive, desirable brand.

  • Important briefings are written “on the fly”.

These are just a few of the cases where our study can be used: what they all have in common is the lack of robust, data-based findings that facilitate strategy discussions and back up difficult decisions.

Our positioning analysis provides you with:

  • Substantive insights into deep-seated needs, emotions and behaviour patterns

  • Relevance, barriers and product requirements of your business model

  • Strategic growth segments and short-term market potential

  • Strengths/weaknesses analyses of the brand image in the competitive environment

  • Drivers and levers to effectively increase brand performance

Why choose Caspar Feld?
  • Fully customised, representative study design for reliable insights

  • Comparison of all metrics between the overall market vs your existing customers

  • Simultaneous or sequential implementation in several countries

Positioning Analysis
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Identify and explore your key audience and prioritize measures for your most valuable customer segments.

Segmentation still remains a puzzling concept for many decision makers:
  • Why do I need a segmentation in the first place?

  • What are our core segments, and what makes them so unique?

  • What does it take to be successful in new untapped growth segments?

  • What are the requirements for a segmentation to gain acceptance within our organization?

All of these are legitimate questions for which we have the right answers. Because effective segmentation will help you sharpen your value proposition and communications, as well as prioritize service levels and new initiatives.

Our segmentation services provide you with:

  • Market segmentation as part of a broader positioning analysis

  • Transfer of a segmentation into the customer database for steering purposes

  • Quantitative validation of internally developed personas

  • Execution of database segmentations based on internal CRM data

Why choose Caspar Feld?
  • Real edge due to fully customized segmentation solutions

  • 10+ years of cross-industry segmentation expertise

  • Use of state-of-the-art methods for optimal and reproducible results

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Continuously evaluate the strength and perception of your brand, measure campaign effectiveness and understand evolving needs in the marketplace.

Marketers like you seek answers to these pressing questions:
  • Were we able to raise brand awareness and consideration as planned?

  • Are our investments in expensive and hard-to-measure brand channels – such as TV or Out-of-home – worth it?

  • Do others perceive our brand as desirable as we do internally?

  • Did we clearly and effectively communicate our desired value proposition?

  • Have there been major changes in the needs and preferences of our target group?

To answer such questions with a great level of certainty, we systematically collect the most important KPIs for a professional brand steering and control over time. Therefore, our brand tracking acts as a means of providing transparency and legitimizing brand building investments.

Our brand tracking provides you with:

  • Key brand, channel and campaign KPIs over time

  • Early identification of trends and needs in your industry

  • Brand monitoring (emotional and rational) of the fiercest competitors

  • Customised scope: international, national and regional, down to city level

  • Accompanying tests of (TV) ads and creatives (pre-, post- and A/B tests)

Why choose Caspar Feld?
  • Fully customised, representative study design for especially reliable results

  • Unique personal advice and familiar faces

  • Customized documentation: PowerPoint, interactive online dashboard or Excel only

Brand Tracking
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Understand your customers’ most crucial needs to build stronger and more profitable relationships.

Our clients persistently tell us about specific challenges like these:
  • Why are our customers leaving and not buying anymore?

  • What are the drivers of customer loyalty and value that I should really care about?

  • Have our various measures resulted in any kind of improved customer experience?

  • How can we continue to excite our customers with innovative products and services going forward?

While these challenges are common in many companies, finding effective and quick solutions is often difficult. Very often, there is a lack of imagination or ability to crack such "tough nuts", but we have proven that we can do this many times over.

Our customer insights studies provide you with:

  • Dynamic KPI tracking based on customer survey & internal data

  • Identification of key satisfaction drivers and loyalty barriers

  • Requirements for product and service level definitions

  • CRM analyses for retention and win-back strategies

Why choose Caspar Feld?
  • Many years of expertise with special situation research

  • Unique approach of combining survey & BI data

  • Interim experience with a variety of CRM projects

Customer insights


International corporations, established companies, young start-ups, all from different industries with their own business models: our clients are as unique as our services.

By leveraging custom-tailored positioning analysis
& segmentation, highly individualized brand tracking & customer
insights studies, we simplify and improve the decision-making
process for managers in an increasingly complex environment.